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An-Gewand-t – Felted


This book features the sophisticated felt art of Inge Bauer for which she is internationally known as textile artist and teacher. Her work is presented in colourful photo series. »Felt is a tactile adventure – come on in and have a good time.« Under this motto, you can enjoy garments, accessories and objects which all carry Inge Bauers unique thumbprint. Moreover the work can inspire you for your own nuno-felting garments.

ISBN: 978-3-87512-757-7 Cover Download Autor: Inge BauerSeiten: 192 pEinband: Hardcover, thread stitchingSprachen: German, English

The book

»Felt is a tactile adventure – come on in and have a good time.« That felt causes good mood is particularly evident in this colourful gallery book: Inge Bauer presents her works in charming photo series which focus not only on her felt art but also on the atmosphere.

The play with colours and divers structures – with self-coloured wool and fabrics –  as well as harmonious and lively contrasts are Inge Bauers passion. Structures created by the combination of felting and non-felting fibres fascinate the textile artist. She likes to use the possibility to create double-sided felt: This results in unique reversible garments.

Wearable, durable and individualised clothing is not subjected to any fashion trend. Inge Bauer’s garments are one of a kind. »Felting techniques allow to make the whole piece at once in the form and size which you intend. I love the advantage of not producing fabrics in running metres and thus create no surplus.«

Objects, such as the impressive installations »Stairway to Heaven« and »Baumfrauen« (Tree Women), accessories such as bags and hats, show the wonderful path that Inge Bauer took in her felting carrier in addition to the unusual, often seamless and made-to-measure garments.

The book is bilingual – in German and English. The German title »An-Gewand-t« plays with the word »angewandt« which means »applied« and »Gewand«, standing for »garment«. The English subtitle adds Inge Bauer’s medium to her applied art: The felt.

About the author

Inge Bauer started her career as a freelancing textile artist and qualified social education worker in 1978. Since then it is her foremost concern to offer her students free space with regard to their individual creative talents and to support them with her long-standing expertise. Her personal dealings with felt developed against a traditional background, amply proven by her many educational journeys, for example to Mongolia and Turkey. Her focus lies in the making of delicate, light as a feather-felts suitable for clothes and accessories.

Inge Bauer brings in her work together the extremes which felt offers: Her carpets and wall reliefs are robust and strong, her felt garments smooth, thin and light: »Felt is a living medium, much like skin, and is superior to many other media in its capacity to produce

seamless 3-D forms. I prefer to produce wearable, durable and individually designed work, whether it be garments, bags or hats. My pieces are unique and make no reference to fashion trends. In the main they are extra fine quality, reversible and seamless, designed to feel and protect like a second skin.«


»A treat for the eyes on 192 pages, to flip through again and again, with a guaranty for good mood.« Quilts und mehr, Gudrun Heinz

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Inge Bauer


192 p


Hardcover, thread stitching


German, English