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The new book by the artist couple Annette Quentin-Stoll und Robert Quentin has just been published! Ornaments play the decisive role: on flat surfaces, in reliefs and in 3-D.

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ISBN: 978-3-87512-764-5 Cover Download Autor: Annette Quentin-Stoll, Robert QuentinSeiten: 192 pEinband: Hardcover, thread stitchingSprachen: German

The book

In this book, Annette Quentin-Stoll introduces her readers and fellow feltmakers to the world of ornaments and its symbolism. From very early on, the artist has been captivated by them: »As a child I loved to gaze at wallpaper or fabric patterns. Many an hour, instead of taking a boring nap, I spent studying the different forms and finding animals or other fantastic beings in the spaces in between.«

The author shows ornaments applied to traditional felt objects and what makes them so special and pleasing to the eye. Simple shapes turn into complex ones, since by means of turning and mirroring a wealth of new variations comes into being. Then she demonstrates step for step how a so-called pre-yarn is made and spun by means of a small forked branch. These pre-yarns find their application mostly in surface design.

Sitting pads, pillowcases, carpets, wall hangings: It’s entirely up to you what objects you will make using the described techniques and patterns. You will learn what is required so the ornaments turn out well. From surface design we go to ornaments in relief: A one-hand marble track made of felt that is balanced on the hand. With some training you can send the marble smoothly on its way.

Annette Quentin-Stoll develops three-dimensional ornaments with her small »ornamentanimals«. The little buddy wants to become a constant everyday companion: for the very small as a toy to grip, for kindergarten kids to accompany them there and as a mascot for the grown-ups.

An extensive gallery part ends the book, showing how the drawing lessons and techniques presented account for a great variety of lovely objects. It goes from highlight to highlight, and the brilliant photos by the arist’s husband, Robert Quentin, make you aware that ornaments can be found indeed everywhere – in the cross-section of a watermelon perhaps or in the seed arrangement inside a Kiwi.

»FilzOrnament« – a gallery book around the miracle of ornaments in surfaces, reliefs and 3-D objects. As you know already from the other books by the artist couple, »FilzExperiment« and »FilzGeschichten«, the new »FilzOrnament« offers many instructions, an ample gallery part, inspiring stories and other useful information as well.

The book »FilzOrnament« is in German only, but the illustrated step-by-step instructions and the amount of amazing images will speak to every experienced feltmaker.

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About the authors

The textile artist Annette Quentin-Stoll studied textile art in Schneeberg at the Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau. Since 2001 she has worked as a freelance artist and tutor for textile design. Together with her husband, photographer Robert Quentin, she has two children. Her works were presented in numerous international exhibitions; some were bought by a museum for public collections. »FilzSpiel – The Felted Play« (2008) was Annette Quentin-Stolls first gallery book. In 2009 »FilzExperiment«, in 2013 »FilzGeschichten« (Felt Stories) and in 2017 »FilzOrnament« followed. Whereas »The Felted Play« is bilingual in German and English, the other books mentioned are in German only, but the amount of amazing images will speak to those who already have knowledge and experience with felting techniques.

Robert Quentin has worked as a photographer since 2004. In his studio gallery books, among other projects, in collaboration with his wife Annette Quentin-Stoll come to life. His daily life, is filled with photography, as well as experimental permaculture, inventions of upcycling projects, or enlightening life concepts and drillings of thin wooden panels.

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Annette Quentin-Stoll, Robert Quentin


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Hardcover, thread stitching