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Annette Quentin-Stoll
& Robert Quentin

The textile artist Annette Quentin-Stoll studied textile art in Schneeberg at the Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau. Since 2001 she has worked as a freelance artist and tutor for textile design. Together with her husband, photographer Robert Quentin, she has two children. Her works were presented in numerous international exhibitions; some were bought by a museum for public collections. »FilzSpiel – The Felted Play« (2008) was Annette Quentin-Stolls first gallery book. In 2009 »FilzExperiment«, in 2013 »FilzGeschichten« (Felt Stories) and in 2017 »FilzOrnament« followed. Whereas »The Felted Play« is bilingual in German and English, the other books mentioned are in German only, but the amount of amazing images will speak to those who already have knowledge and experience with felting techniques.

Robert Quentin has worked as a photographer since 2004. In his studio gallery books, among other projects, in collaboration with his wife Annette Quentin-Stoll come to life. His daily life, is filled with photography, as well as experimental permaculture, inventions of upcycling projects, or enlightening life concepts and drillings of thin wooden panels.






Charlotte Sehmisch

Charlotte Sehmisch, born in Weida in 1965, studied architecture in Weimar from 1985 to 1991. From 1997 to 1999 she completed an additional study in fashion design in Halle, Burg Giebichenstein. Since 1998, she has worked as a fashion and hat designer, has created stage outfits, hand-made felt hats and felt dresses for several productions and taught at various colleges (Halle, Burg Giebichenstein, Bauhaus-Uni Weimar). Her work has been shown at numerous exhibitions, including the Design Center in Weimar, Gallery Warewerte in Hamburg, Gallery Artefact in Munich, Burgraum in Vienna and Musee du Chapeau in Lyon. Website of Charlotte Sehmisch

Gerlinde Merl

Gerlinde Merl, born 1960 in Linz, Austria, has been a tutor in adult education since 1990: in her own atelier, at several teacher training colleges in Austria as well as in Bavaria and at »Wissensturm«, Linz. She is a member of the artist group »Frauenspielräume«. Her works are shown in numerous art exhibitions. They are part of group displays like the international exhibition  during Quilt Week Yokohama (2008), Japan and the international quilting competition in Salt Lake City (2002), USA, were she won the bronze medal in th category »Non-Traditional Quilts«. Her solo exhibitions were for example during the Textile Art Berlin in 2011 and at the European Quiltfestival, Val d’Argent, France, in 2008. Website of Gerlinde Merl

Gisela Hafer

In some way Gisela Hafer was destined from birth to working with textiles. Her father was active in the textile industry also. Gisela Hafer grew up in Zittau, a city with textile tradition. After a mechanical engineering degree and a few working years as a working environment designer, she returned to the fabrics and completed an apprenticeship as textile designer. For many years she has worked as a freelance artist and lecturer. The quilt artist Gisela Hafer is well-known not only through numerous individual exhibitions and exhibition participation throughout Europe, but also as a valued course instructor at home and abroad. Website of Gisela Hafer

Heide Stoll-Weber

Since 1986 Heide Stoll-Weber has lived and worked in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In 1994 she started her own business, farbSTOFF, a studio and workshop for hand-dyed cotton fabrics. The German and European textile community quickly embraced her fabric, particularly since the elaborate colour palette of the hand-dyed material complemented and expanded the range of industrially produced fabrics available at the time. Between 2001 and 2007 she developed textile designs for FreeSpirit Fabric, New York, based on the characteristic gradations and multicoloured fabrics of the farbSTOFF studio production. In addition to numerous solo shows across Europe she participated in most of the big international juried exhibitions such as Quilt National, European Art Quilts, Visions, or the European Quilt Triennial. Website of Heide Stoll-Weber


Inge Bauer

Inge Bauer started her career as a freelancing textile artist and qualified social education worker in 1978. Since then it is her foremost concern to offer her students free space with regard to their individual creative talents and to support them with her long-standing expertise. Her personal dealings with felt developed against a traditional background, amply proven by her many educational journeys, for example to Mongolia and Turkey. Her focus lies in the making of delicate, light as a feather-felts suitable for clothes and accessories. Inge Bauer brings in her work together the extremes which felt offers: Her carpets and wall reliefs are robust and strong, her felt garments smooth, thin and light: »Felt is a living medium, much like skin, and is superior to many other media in its capacity to produce seamless 3-D forms. I prefer to produce wearable, durable and individually designed work, whether it be garments, bags or hats. My pieces are unique and make no reference to fashion trends. In the main they are extra fine quality, reversible and seamless, designed to feel and protect like a second skin.« Website of Inge Bauer


Judith Mundwiler

Ever since her childhood, the examination of textile material has been an important part of Judith Mundwiler’s leisure activities. Animated and inspired by her mother’s sewing, knitting and crochet handwork, she began creating objects, dresses for puppets and eventually even own dresses. During her 4-year training programme as a textile craft teacher she learned the professional handling of diverse textile and non-textile materials and techniques. The inner urge to visualise her feelings and thoughts through textile art grew stronger over the years. In 2002 she was given the opportunity to present her works to a broad international audience in France, in Val d’Argent during the European Patchwork Meeting. Website of Judith Mundwiler


Pascale Goldenberg

Pascale Goldenberg, born 1960 in Paris, has a degree in Geology and is living in Freiburg. In 1989 she became a freelance artist and a director of workshops in adult education within the field of textile design. Since 1996 she has had several individual exhibitions every year in Germany and France, she has also participated in numerous competitions and exhibitions in Europe, the US and Japan. As initiator of an embroidery programme in Afghanistan, she has also organized numerous textile events, among others: »Textile Cultural Weeks« in Freiburg (1996), EU Travel Exhibition »Threads Unite Women« from 2008 to 2010, EU Travel Exhibition »Afghanistan–Inspiration« from 2010 to 2012, EU Travel Exhibition »Forest for Ever« from 2014 to 2016, and »Gardens Around the World« from 2016 to 2018. In the year 2000 she got admitted to the Federal Association of Visual Artists (BBK Süd-Baden). Since 2005 she is an artistic consultant for a social and art project in Afghanistan (Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e.V., Freiburg). Pascale is also author of numerous articles in the German and French textile trade press. »Gardens Around the World« is her second gallery book after »Fäden verbinden / threads unite« published by MaroVerlag.


Ricarda Aßmann / Hans König

Ricarda Aßmann, born in 1963, has been dealing with felt and textile work since 2004. She works mainly as a freelance lecturer in Germany and abroad and has been organizing felt and textile art exhibitions for several years. Her own creations are exhibited internationally. She is enthusiastic about felt because it »warms like a loving embrace«, it is alive, strong and resilient, and she experiences this material as the materialized language of the hands and soul. With her Gestalt therapy training, she especially appreciates the feeling of working with felt to realize impressions, thoughts, souls’ landscapes – to make elementary human emotions visible, and to deal with life themes. For her, this is all only possible with felt and not as good with any other medium. She published the book »FilzFrauen« together with Hans König. Website of Ricarda Aßmann

Hans König, born in 1963, has been working as a journalist and photographer since 1985, focusing on motorbikes and music. As editor of the magazine »freizeitguide aktiv«, his main focus in recent years has been on the topics of camping and tourism – since 2010 he has focused on felt and textile arts, too. On request, he offers seminars and workshops for felt and textile manufacturers who would like to put their works on the photographic stage. Together with Ricarda Aßmann he published the book »FilzFrauen«.