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Textile Poesie – Stoffgeschichten


The creations by Gisela Hafer lead the reader into a world of poetic moods and motifs. Whichever theme inspires her – nature, man, art or politics – Gisela Hafer’s textile wall paintings interpret the reality poetically. Whether thunderclouds or Frankfurt banking landscape – in their combination of image and word, text merges with textures. It creates wonderful links of poetic texts with textile poetry.

ISBN: 978-3-87512-762-1 Cover Download Autor: Gisela HaferEinband: Hardcover, Thread StitchingEinband: Sprache: German

The book

Gisela Hafer dyes, paints, prints on fabric, cuts it, sews it together again. This creates textile collages that convey poetic moods and motifs. In »Textile Poetry« these fabric pictures are assigned to selected poems. The thoughts, the history or the poem which serve as the starting point for Gisela, they are not always to be read literally. Rather, her creations speak for themselves and tell their own »fabric stories«.

Whichever theme Gisela Hafer inspires – nature, man, art or politics – their textile murals interpret the reality poetically. Whether thunderclouds or the Frankfurt banking landscape – in their combinations of image and word texts merge with textures.

Gisela Hafer’s often serial-processed textile collages are created by versatile textile techniques, including stencil, screen, transfer and digital printing. First she cuts the fabrics as in traditional patchwork and then she re-assembles them and designs new fabrics this way. Afterwards the needle serves as a crayon. She embroiders the entire creation and carves out her personal statement.

»Textile Poetry« shows selected works by Gisela Hafer from the years 1990 to 2015; poems and stories face each other – from the brothers Grimm to Goethe and Rainer Maria Rilke. This successful combination of poetic texts with textile poetry makes this gallery-book a must-have for all lovers of textile art and fabric stories.

About the author

In some way Gisela Hafer was destined from birth to working with textiles. Her father was active in the textile industry also. Gisela Hafer grew up in Zittau, a city with textile tradition. After a mechanical engineering degree and a few working years as a working environment designer, she returned to the fabrics and completed an apprenticeship as textile designer. For many years she has worked as a freelance artist and lecturer. The quilt artist Gisela Hafer is well-known not only through numerous individual exhibitions and exhibition participation throughout Europe, but also as a valued course instructor at home and abroad.

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Gisela Hafer


Hardcover, Thread Stitching