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Ich nehme einen Faden und gehe mit ihm spazieren


Going for a walk with a thread – the Gallery Book by textile artist Gerlinde Merl invites the reader to a diversified walk through her versatile art creations. In the second part of the book, she provides step-by-step instruction manuals for some of the exciting surface structures which she uses in her work.  An inspiration for all textile lovers!

ISBN: 978-3-87512-761-4 Cover Download Autor: Gerlinde MerlSeiten: 144 pEinband: Hardcover, thread stitchingSprachen: German

The book

»I transfer colours into surface design, and my imaginations as well as my dreams into pictures«, says Gerlinde about her textile creations. Her work is characterised by rich colouring of self-dyed fabrics and unique surface structures. Gerlinde develops special techniques or modifies old techniques into modern versions. Not only does she sew, she also weaves, folds, felts, balls and so on.

The Austrian artist lives her art in the daily routine, too; at the »Spiralwalk« in the snow, as a fashion designer of her own clothes or as a »landscape architect« when she corresponds with her textiles and nature by wrapping tree trunks.

The gallery book does not only include a great gallery of the artist’s creations but also step by step instructions that lead the reader to make his/her own creations with those great surfaces and structures. You will get a new perspective on tools and supplies in your house. Gerlinde shows how you can use them for the »package technique« that will transform plain textiles into great three-dimensional structures. And you will get to know that a »spike tube« is not a marine animal …

About the Author

Gerlinde Merl, born 1960 in Linz, Austria, has been a tutor in adult education since 1990: in her own atelier, at several teacher training colleges in Austria as well as in Bavaria and at »Wissensturm«, Linz. She is a member of the artist group »Frauenspielräume«. Her works are shown in numerous art exhibitions. They are part of group displays like the international exhibition  during Quilt Week Yokohama (2008), Japan and the international quilting competition in Salt Lake City (2002), USA, were she won the bronze medal in th category »Non-Traditional Quilts«. Her solo exhibitions were for example during the Textile Art Berlin in 2011 and at the European Quiltfestival, Val d’Argent, France, in 2008.

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Gerlinde Merl


144 p


Hardcover, thread stitching